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On October 15th, 2020, Gentai MIC will be distributing this quarter’s dividend. Since founded in 2012 eight years ago, this will be Gentai’s 32nd dividend distribution to its shareholder. Despite the numerous challenges and difficulties that the market is experiencing, Gentai MIC has been achieving superior and sustainable performances.

To all shareholders of Gentai MIC:

While 2020 is a challenging year for all investors around the world, our professional team at Gentai believes that having experienced professionals explain the details of each and every investment will be beneficial for all our shareholders. With the changes that are happening every day in the market, the only way to keep up is to be well-educated in the industry.

Therefore, on October 15th and October 16th of 2020, Gentai’s experienced and professional investment team will conduct in-person and Zoom meetings for our shareholders, proudly presenting this quarter’s dividend distribution reports and also future goals in the next quarter. There will be two sessions a day, with a total of four sessions. We will also discuss the recent trends in the financial and real estate market, as well as introducing our team to all shareholders. Lastly, we will share our prospective goals in the following fiscal year and explain our risk management protocols in depth.

Gentai’s Richmond office has been adhering to all COVID-19 cleaning guidelines as suggested by CDC and is back and running in full capacity. We sincerely invite you to either come in-person, or join our Zoom meeting and meet with our team. To ensure guest safety and respecting social distancing protocols, we will limit the number of guests, and all venues will be cleaned and disinfected before guest arrival. We look forward to meeting you and your guest(s) either in-person or on Zoom on October 15th and 16th.