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Protection of investor capital while providing regular targeted income is Gentai Capital’s investment mandate.

Through rigorous underwriting and the extensive experience of its fund managers, Gentai Capital has been consistently generating above-average absolute returns for investors over the past eleven years.

“Our investment mandates are capital protection and consistent fixed income with regular dividend distribution.”

Investment Strategy

Sound custom-made mortgage lending is not only based on a convenient financial model or scoring template. It is based upon the availability of safe mortgages and a common-sense approach to lending. Successful lending involves an intensive, hands-on process which is essential to avoid losses. Capital protection is always paramount.

We adhere to conservative lending parameters.



Due Diligence

Thorough due diligence and credit assessments is the foundation of our lending


Margin of safety with Loan-to-value ratios of approximately 75% at the time of underwriting


Systematically monitoring the borrowers and the properties until the mortgage is fully repaid / Applying Strong default management policies

Short Term

Investing in short-term mortgages (6 to 12) to mitigate interest rate and market risks


Pool of balanced mortgage diversified by size, borrower, and geography and property type in order to limit exposure to any one area


Reducing exposure by syndication with other financial institutions on large loans

Exit Strategy

Clear exit strategy required when underwriting each loan


Providing custom-tailored mortgages to the borrowers to meet their financing needs: innovative structures and attractive rates

We provide primarily first and second mortgages and bridge financing to borrowers seeking to purchase, refinance, refurbish, or develop real estate. We are flexible and quick in response to quality borrowers’ needs for mortgages where typical larger financial institutions do not offer competitive terms and structures. Typical loans are for bridge financing, infill construction, one year term and interest-only payments. Our in-house team handles all aspects of these transactions quickly and efficiently. We lend in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario currently.

Each mortgage is subject to our thorough analysis:

  • Borrowers financial background
  • Property values and credit assessments
  • Exit plans
  • Overall market conditions


Offering investors a secure source of income from a diversified pool of fully secured mortgages: rigorous risk control and reliable strong income

Our objective is to provide investors with stable, safe, and reliable returns and to protect capital. First and foremost, we follow disciplined investing principals, protecting of shareholders’ capital.

We look for safe mortgages and avoid all aspects of risk in the loan. From a return perspective, we commit to generating a strong absolute income stream. Lastly, we are determined to focus on consisting and predictable income, quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year.

Through conservative underwriting and creative structures, we provide mortgages to borrowers whose financing needs are not being met by larger financial institutions. GCC pools together a diversified portfolio of fully-secured mortgages that provide ready liquidity to investors.

We have consistently followed a simple and proven investment approach which has produced excellent returns for our investors over 11 years.

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