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We are invested in Canada.

Gentai’s mortgage investment funds are professionally managed by experts in their field. Our in-house team knows how to value real estate, lend on it, and generate attractive income from it.

We convey our extensive expertise in the private credit space through our fund offerings, each containing a variety of mortgages to produce consistent income while ensuring stability through strategic diversification. Our funds qualify for tax-shelter inclusion (RSP and TFSA) and are available by way of offering memorandum.

Genesis Mortgage Investment Corporation (GMIC)

Genesis Mortgage Investment Corporation (GMIC) invests in residential and commercial mortgage loans secured by real estate in major urban centres in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario to generate quarterly cash distributions. Since its inception in 2012, it has consistently achieved an attractive yield.

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Gentai Residential Mortgage Fund


GREF invests only in residential mortgages in major urban centres where demand for housing is stable and real estate is liquid. Since its inception in 2021, unitholders have consistently received attractive monthly income while benefitting from the manager’s capital protection and high absolute-return mandate.

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Gentai Commercial Mortgage Fund (GCOM)

As Gentai’s newest fund, GCOM invests in a diversified mortgage portfolio secured exclusively by commercial real estate (multi-family, industrial, retail, office, land, construction) to deliver a targeted yield of 10% while protecting investor capital .

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Why invest with Gentai?


National access to opportunities

We see more and better deals across the credit spectrum because we are known as Canada’s all-purpose mortgage lender by proven developers, land owners and mortgage brokers


Sensible risk management

We are experts in assessing, pricing and mitigating risk to create value for investors and borrowers alike


Proven results

We generate attractive yield by expertly structuring construction, term, mezzanine, bridge, and A/B mortgage loans that deliver income


Risk-managed diversification

We gain strength and stability by investing in an optimal mix of 1st and 2nd charge mortgages, predominantly in urban centers where the demand and liquidity of real estate is high


Syndication and servicing

These capabilities further reduce risk and keep us close to borrowers throughout the lifecycle of our mortgage investments

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