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A steady, disciplined approach to mortgage lending and servicing.

At Gentai, our proven lending process achieves attractive cash flow from the mortgages we underwrite while protecting capital.


We invest across geography and property type to limit exposure to any one area and achieve further diversification through mortgage size and borrower composition


We invest in short-term mortgages (6 to 12 months) to mitigate interest rate and market risks while meeting borrowers’ needs

Credit analysis

Assessing borrowers for their creditworthiness is the foundation of our lending approach and we price loans to ensure we are appropriately compensated for risk

Exit Strategy

Before we lend, we establish the precise parameters for how and when we will achieve payout on every loan


To protect against property price declines, we underwrite using sensible loan-to-value ratios


Until a mortgage is fully repaid, we closely monitor the progress of the borrower and successfully apply active default management if the need arises


We syndicate mortgages and when appropriate engage in A/B lending in partnership with other large financial institutions to share risk and earn hurdle-rate returns


By staying close to borrowers post funding, our dedicated servicing team works tirelessly to ensure full compliance with the terms of each mortgage and is always present to provide borrower support that earns Gentai renewal opportunities