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Brand Story

“Gentai” is a transliteration of the company’s name in Chinese, which is made up of two Chinese characters, “Jing” and “Tai”. The character “Jing” is taken from a line in the ancient Chinese poem collection “Book of Songs”, which reads “look up to the high mountains and take righteous paths”, while the character “Tai” is taken from a line in a Chinese book of divination “Jiao’s Thoughts on the Book of Changes”, which reads “being as secure as Mount Tai and always blessed with happiness and fortune”. Therefore, “Jing Tai” is a symbol of righteousness and stability, which reflects the culture of “the virtuous carrying the burden of the world” that the Company has been holding onto and the reliable returns the Company has been generating.

In 2012, Gentai Capital Corporation was co-founded by Tina Mu and Peter Yang. Both founders possess decades of local experience in financial services, real estate, and mortgage investments. Back then, when Ms. Mu held a senior position at a major Canadian bank, she noticed a gap between what investors and borrowers needed and what the Canadian financial institutions could provide. On one hand, investors were seeking sustainable and higher returns. On the other hand, there was a strong demand in the real estate market for short-term loans which were difficult to obtain. To meet those needs and fill the gaps, Tina and Peter worked together and established Gentai Capital Corporation and Genesis Mortgage Investment Corporation (GMIC) in BC.

Since its establishment, Gentai has been attracting highly motivated professionals and talented individuals to join our team, who share the same values: Integrity, Passion and Excellence. Together, the capital safety focused Gentai team offers 3 funds to investors: Genesis Mortgage Investment Corporation (GMIC), Gentai Residential Mortgage Fund (GREF) and Gentai Commercial Mortgage Fund (GCOM). With over 11 years of full cycle experience, Gentai has been successfully delivering a rate of return of 8.24%, 7% and 10% to investors in BC, Alberta and Ontario.

Having weathered market cycles and going through challenging economic environments, the “Gentai” brand has continued to be a destination for investors and borrowers alike.

“Striving for perfection like the saint, and impenetrability like the Mountain Tai”