Brand Story

“Gentai” is derived from the Company’s Chinese name “Jing Tai.” It finds its roots in the ancient Chinese poem collection “Book of Songs” and “Jiaoshi Yilin.” The first character “Jing” is taken from the sentence meaning “admiring a worthy man greatly as one stops looking up at a peak.” The second character “Tai” is from the line “being as secure as Mount Tai and always enjoy happiness and fortune.”


Translated as “striving for perfection like the saint, and impenetrability like the Mountain Tai,” the name Gentai represents the team’s values of respect, ethics, and integrity.


In 2012, Gentai Capital Corporation (GCC, formerly known as Genesis Capital Corporation) was founded by Tina Mu and Peter Yang.  Both founders possess decades of local experience in financial services, real estate and mortgage investments. Previously, when they were serving as senior consultants in the big bank environment, they noticed a gap between what investors and borrowers needed and what the banks could provide. On the one hand, investors are seeking sustainable and higher returns. On the other hand, there is strong demand for, and difficulty obtaining short-term loans in the real estate market. They wanted to do something to fulfill those needs and fill the gaps. With this context and mission, they worked together and started Genesis Capital Corporation and its subsidiary, Genesis Mortgage Investment Corporation (GMIC) in BC.


After its establishment, GCC has been growing rapidly and steadily, providing customized construction, equity, and conventional real estate financing to qualified builders, developers, and real estate owners in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. Borrowers appreciate Gentai’s well-developed loan structure, competitive rates, and rapid responses to policies and shifts in the markets. With the lending business booming, the Company has attracted more and more loyal investors who, in turn, have benefited the high and stable returns, high-quality property security, and strict risk control protocols.


Gentai now has a team of more than 30 highly motivated and professional employees, 500 high net worth clients, and manages more than CAD $150 million. Having weathered market cycles and been through challenging economic environments, the “Gentai” brand has continued to be a destination for Investors and borrowers alike.

“Striving for perfection like the saint, and impenetrability like the Mountain Tai”