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What we do

We originate, fund, syndicate and service mortgage investments in Canadian residential and commercial properties to fuel the growth and prosperity of investors and borrowers as a non-bank mortgage lender.

How we do it

We screen each mortgage in compliance with our investment policy, apply rigorous underwriting standards and other credit risk management strategies and deploy capital to a diverse range of cash-flowing properties and land under development to achieve superior yield.

Where we do it

We provide conventional term, bridge, mezzanine and construction financing solutions to owners and developers of all types of residential, and commercial real estate. We favour major urban centers where real estate is liquid and we diversify geographically and by mortgage size and duration to protect invested capital.

Why we do it

As an asset class, real estate is well recognized as a sound investment vehicle and a hedge against inflation. By lending on it through diversified pools of secured mortgages, we gain positive cash flows, yields that exceed typical fixed income investment and recourse to tangible assets that retain value.

Who does it

Our leadership team brings decades of experience in asset management, mortgage lending, servicing and syndication to the formation and administration of purpose-built portfolios. Learn about our team.

How often we do it

We have successfully originated and managed thousands of different mortgages to earn superior, risk-adjusted returns for fellow investors while financing the growth of Canadian residential and commercial real estate.

Institutional Private Offerings

For institutional access to private offerings

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Mortgage Investment Funds

We offer professionally managed funds for astute investors.

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Commercial Lending

For land, development, construction, acquisition and repositioning, we are the dependable choice for bridge, term, mezzanine and A/B loan amounts of $1 million to $65 million+.

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Residential Lending

Equity take out, purchase and construction by way of conventional financing on single-family, multi family, and condos from $500,000 to $5 million.

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