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Because Canadians need more housing, we are here to fund it.

Canada prides itself on being the most open and welcoming in the world. With hundreds of thousands of newcomers arriving on our shores annually, there’s a pressing need for various types of housing: single-family homes, apartments, townhouses, and specialized residences like those for students or retirees.

Recognizing the increasing demand and shortage of housing supply, we are dedicated to supporting residential homeowners and developers through customized mortgage products. Whether it’s a first or second-charge mortgage for a single home or a portfolio of multi-unit properties, we’re here to help.

Whether you’re looking to finance a land purchase, build a new home or subdivision, renovate an existing property, or tap into your home’s equity, Gentai has tailored solutions for you across the risk spectrum.

With Gentai, you can borrow confidently through bridge, mezzanine, and conventional term mortgages ranging from $500,000 to $5 million. As Canada’s go-to residential lender, we pride ourselves on delivering capital quickly and expertly to meet your needs.

David Delice 

Business Development Manager, Ontario

[email protected]
Direct: 613-261-5075
Toll-Free: 1-855-982-6699

Sunny Rundhawa 

Business Development Manager, British Columbia

[email protected]
Direct: 236-333-8237
Office: 604-638-1580

Why Borrow from Gentai?


Pure focus

We lend exclusively on real estate, making us single-purpose experts


Decision-making speed

We move more quickly than other large institutions


Tailored products across the risk spectrum

1st and 2nd charge conventional term, bridge, and mezzanine financing for purchase, refinance, construction, and renovation/repositioning


Broad lending appetite

Residential (single-family, duplex, fourplex, townhouses, rental apartments) and commercial (apartment, condominium, office, retail, industrial, hotel, land)


Attractive features

Competitive interest rates, interest-only mortgages, sensible LTVs


Dependable deployment

We lend with confidence to enable equity take outs, property acquisitions, construction, renovations and refinancings in Canada’s largest urban markets and in suburban/rural areas case by case