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Gentai Financial Group is proud to share this good news with shareholders, business partners, and friends who follow Gentai. After 2019, Gentai Capital Corporation once again is listed on the 2020 Canada’s Top Growing Companies. This list is published by the Globe and Mail, the most authoritative newspaper in Canada with the largest circulation. The 400 companies on the list cover leading companies from all walks of life in Canada. Gentai has been on this list for two consecutive years, which is enough to demonstrate the company’s strength and development momentum.

As of the end of this month, Gentai has been established for eight years. After eight years of steady exploration and development, Gentai has exceeded $150 million in assets under management while serving more than 500 customers and managing nearly 35 employees. It has formed Gentai’s characteristic business model that leads to the development of the industry, attracting and training a savvy and capable professional team. After eight years of developing, Gentai brand has been well received by customers and the attention of the industry in investment and financing industries.

In the upcoming fiscal year 2021, all business units of Gentai have set ambitious strategic and performance goals. In the new year, with the concerted efforts of the team, Gentai’s development is bound to reach a higher level.

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2020 Canada’s Top Growing Companies: