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Here at Gentai, we take immense pride in our exceptional team and the diversity that makes us unique.

Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals that deserve to have their talents, experiences, and backgrounds celebrated. In our ongoing effort to celebrate the exceptional individuals who contribute to our success, we are continuing our series that shines the spotlight on Gentai’s amazing team members.

Today, we’re delighted to introduce you to Ryan Wang, Vice President of Operations for our Lending Department.

1. What is your favourite part about working at Gentai?

“Impact on the real estate market.”

“As an alternative lender, we are creating credit liquidity to the market, lowering the opportunity cost to real estate investors, improving the transaction efficiency, and diversifying the risk-adjusted returns to our shareholders. Hence, I’m proud of being part of the Gentai team – we are a small company that is making a big contribution to the capital market.”

2. What Gentai quality do you best exemplify?


“Gentai is continually evolving and adapting to industry changes in order to maintain a competitive edge in the market. At Gentai, we consistently innovate by introducing, analyzing, executing, and reassessing novel financial offerings – such as distinctive loan products, investment funds, credit policies, and employment positions – within expedited timeframes. Leveraging our streamlined organizational structure, our leadership team is adept at making judicious decisions promptly, ensuring that we are agile in responding to client needs and competitive dynamics. Furthermore, we prioritize maintaining transparent communication across all departments, fostering a synergistic environment that amplifies our collective expertise and enhances our ability to serve our clientele effectively.”

3. Can you please explain your professional journey with Gentai and what it’s like leading the Operations department for our Lending team?

“When I joined Gentai in early 2021, the Operations team had only one mortgage admin and myself. Throughout 2022-2023, we kept expanding our capacity to support our Lending department’s growth. The Operations team has now grown to five people with diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences.”

“The Operations team adeptly manages a multifaceted array of responsibilities within the realm of portfolio management. This encompasses everything from the initial stages of loan funding to meticulous post-funding administration, proficient management of liquidity and specialized accounts, as well as rigorous reporting and analysis. Additionally, the team skillfully navigates the onboarding of new systems to perpetually enhance our operational efficacy.”

4. Can you share an example of a time when you felt the company’s values were demonstrated in the workplace?

“The Operations team exemplifies profound collaboration in their daily endeavours to manage mortgage portfolios proficiently. Concurrently, we sustain a tight-knit relationship and transparent communication with the Origination and Underwriting teams, in addition to the Accounting department, to ensure an efficient workflow, financial precision, and robust internal control. Gentai is home to a plethora of skilled individuals who embody a proactive and resolute mindset, consistently demonstrating both capability and determination in their roles.”

5. What does a typical day look like for you?

“My day starts with the Operations team morning hurdle meeting. In the meeting, I look forward to hearing about everyone’s daily schedules and collaboratively determining the allocation of ad hoc tasks. Additionally, I am eager to provide proactive guidance and strategize solutions for any anticipated issues, ensuring a smooth and productive day ahead for all team members.”

“Throughout the course of the day, I shall diligently supervise the team’s daily operations, authorizing reports and transactions as necessary, while providing ongoing mentorship and coaching. A substantial portion of time is dedicated to addressing default loans and vigilantly monitoring fund liquidity, in collaboration with respective department heads. Participation in meetings with the executive team, legal counsel, banking associates, and other professional partners also constitutes a significant component of my daily activities.”