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Investment Advisors

Gentai’s private debt mortgage funds offer investment advisors and portfolio managers access to a pool of short-term mortgages. With the stability and high income provided by these funds, it creates a great opportunity to diversify a portfolio and reduce investment income volatility.

The following two funds are designed to fit the different objectives and risk tolerance of each client.

Genesis Mortgage Investment Fund: Since its inception in 2012, this fund has been operating in major urban centers where the stability and liquidity of real estate is strong, and consistently generates higher-than-average absolute returns.  This is for clients looking for strong cash flows and diversification into mortgage investments.

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Gentai Residential Mortgage Fund: Is our latest fund offering launched in 2021. It is designed to achieve capital preservation and provide stable income through monthly dividend distributions. This is for clients needing monthly cash flows and diversification into residential mortgage investments.

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