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Asset allocation, diversification, and cash flow.

These are three pillars that make Gentai your first choice for your investment needs. This asset diversification maximizes your return and positive cash flow with the amount of risk you are comfortable with.

Established in 2012, Gentai has grown to over $399.47M AUM across 3 private mortgage funds: Genesis Mortgage Investment Corporation (GMIC), Gentai Residential Mortgage Fund (GREF) and  Gentai Commercial Mortgage Fund (GCOM).

This sort of asset diversification lets our investors know that they can expect stable and sustainable returns.

Alternative investments like our three funds gives you the following advantages and safeguards:

Capital Preservation
– Investments in mortgage secured by historically stable real estate assets

Investment Growth
– Underlying real estate values offer potentially steady value growth

Stable Income Lower Volatility
– Offers a steady income stream through regular distributions

Inflation Hedge
– Hard assets such as underlying real estate offer protection against rising inflation

Low Correlation to Public Equity Market
– Valuations are based on fundamentals and not public sentiment, resulting in an uncorrelated asset to public equities

The next section will take a closer look at our three funds and how each one is an attractive investment option to add to your portfolio.

Gentai’s 3 Funds

Genesis Mortgage Investment Corporation (GMIC)

As our flagship fund, GMIC invests in residential and commercial mortgage loans secured by real estate in major urban centres in B.C., Alberta and Ontario. Since inception in 2012, it has generated an attractive yield for accredited investors through historically reliable quarterly distributions.

Here are some key facts about GMIC:

  • Inception Date: October 2012
  • Fund Structure: Mortgage Investment Corporation
  • Strategy: Residential and Commercial Mortgages
  • AUM: $207.07MM
  • Target Return: 9.04% (compounded)

Gentai Residential Mortgage Fund (GREF)

GREF invests in a diversified mortgage portfolio secured exclusively by residential real estate (predominantly detached homes, condominiums, duplexes and multi family properties) to deliver a targeted yield of 5-7% while protecting investor capital.

Key facts about our GREF fund:

  • Inception Date: June 2021
  • Fund Structure: Open-End Mutual Fund Trust
  • Strategy: Residential Mortgages
  • AUM: $146.79MM
  • Target Return: 7.22% (compounded)

Gentai Commercial Mortgage Fund (GCOM)

GCOM invests in a diversified mortgage portfolio secured exclusively by commercial real estate (multi family, industrial, retail, office, land, construction) to deliver a targeted yield of 8.25% – 10% while protecting investor capital.

Here are some key facts about GCOM:

  • Inception Date: January 2023
  • Fund Structure: Open-End Mutual Fund Trust
  • Strategy: Commercial Mortgage
  • AUM: $45.6MM
  • Target Return: 10.47% (compounded)

Choosing the Right Fund For You

So, how do you decide which fund is best for you?

It depends.

It depends on a number of factor, such as your risk tolerance, time horizon, life goals and age, just to name a few. These factors all determine your investor profile and how you decide to invest.

For example, a very conservative investor is:

  • cautious or maybe a first-time investor
  • primarily focused on portfolio stability and preservation of capital
  • may need the funds from their investments in five years or less
  • has a medium investment time horizon and lower risk tolerance

Whereas a more aggressive investor is:

  • primarily focused on pursuing portfolio appreciation over time
  • usually an experienced equity investor
  • Can tolerate market downturns and volatility for the possibility of achieving greater long-term returns
  • someone who won’t need the funds from their investments for 10 years or more
  • someone with a portfolio that has exposure to various asset classes and higher risk tolerance

Now regardless of all these factors, you want to spread your money amongst numerous investments and this is called diversification. Luckily for you, Gentai helps you achieve this with 3 unique funds.

Interested in learning more about our funds? Click here to contact one of our dealing representatives.