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Servicing mortgages creates an all-around better experience.

Servicing the mortgages generated by our origination activities is a key aspect of our growth plan as well as our risk mitigation approach.

For growth, servicing allows us to stay in close contact with borrowers so that when their Gentai mortgage matures, they come to us to renew and are more likely to choose Gentai for their next financing.

For risk mitigation, our servicing capabilities ensure compliance with all the terms, conditions and milestones set in the original mortgage undertaking and allow us to deliver value for investors.

To offer these capabilities, we employ a growing team of experienced administrators who collect and manage documentation from borrowers including financial statements, rent rolls and property insurance policies, and assist our borrowers if they wish to make prepayments or account changes.

Through servicing, we create a better experience for investors and borrowers alike.

Why invest with Gentai?


National access to opportunities

We see more and better deals across the credit spectrum because we are known as Canada’s all-purpose mortgage lender by proven developers, land owners and mortgage brokers


Sensible risk management

We are experts in assessing, pricing and mitigating risk to create value for investors and borrowers alike


Proven results

We generate attractive yield by expertly structuring construction, term, mezzanine, bridge, and A/B mortgage loans that deliver income


Risk-managed diversification

We gain strength and stability by investing in an optimal mix of 1st and 2nd charge mortgages, predominantly in urban centers where the demand and liquidity of real estate is high


Syndication and servicing

These capabilities further reduce risk and keep us close to borrowers throughout the lifecycle of our mortgage investments

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