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Genesis Mortgage Investment Corporation (GMIC)

Genesis Mortgage Investment Corporation (GMIC) invests in residential and commercial mortgage loans secured by real estate in major urban centers in B.C., Alberta and Ontario to generate quarterly cash distributions. Since inception in 2012, it has achieved a consistently attractive yield.

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Gentai Residential Mortgage Fund


GREF invests only in residential mortgages in major urban centers where demand for housing is stable and real estate is liquid. Since inception in 2021, unitholders have received attractive monthly income while benefitting from the manager’s capital preservation and high absolute-return mandate.

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Gentai Commercial Mortgage Fund (GCOM)

As Gentai’s newest fund, GCOM invests in a diversified mortgage portfolio secured exclusively by commercial real estate (multi-family, industrial, retail, office, land, construction) to deliver a targeted yield of 8.25% – 9.25% while protecting investor capital .

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Gentai Asset Management Corporation (“GAMC”) is an Exempt Market Dealer (“EMD”) registered in the provinces of British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta

Gentai Asset Management Corporation (GAMC) offers exempt market products to qualified and eligible investors in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta. Please call 604-558-8098 or email [email protected] for current offerings.