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Gentai Capital is a leading Canadian alternative investment manager, offering value-added real estate financing solutions coast to coast.

With a national portfolio of residential and commercial real estate mortgage loans, and a diversified pipeline of lending opportunities, our scope and scale distinguish us as an integrated asset manager and one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada.

It is our steady, responsive approach to originating, underwriting, servicing and syndication that makes Gentai the cornerstone of lasting value creation for clients on both sides of our balance sheet.

Why invest with us?

To choose Gentai is to choose a proven national asset manager with the capabilities to structure, syndicate and service mortgage loans from beginning to end to generate superior, risk-managed returns.

Why borrow from us?

We help you achieve your purpose through reliable residential and commercial mortgage lending and responsive servicing.

Over a decade in business, a lifetime of investment

Gentai was incorporated in 2012 but our leadership team brings decades of experience to the management of purpose-built portfolios.

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What’s New?

Gentai has increased our strategic mortgage loan servicing capabilities.

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