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Here at Gentai, we take immense pride in our exceptional team and the diversity that makes us unique.

Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals that deserve to have their talents, experiences, and backgrounds celebrated. In our ongoing effort to celebrate the exceptional individuals who contribute to our success, we are thrilled to launch our new series that will shine the spotlight on Gentai’s amazing team members.

Today, we’re delighted to introduce you to Akber Punjwani, who is our Corporate Accounting team’s Intermediate Accountant.

1. How would you describe the company culture here at Gentai?

“The foundation of our company culture is built upon the pillars of Integrity, Excellency, and Passion. These core values are not just words on a piece of paper, but they serve as the guiding principles that shape every aspect of our organization.

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. Excellence is the driving force behind our pursuit of greatness. Passion fuels our collective energy and dedication.

Our company culture is a reflection of these values in action. We encourage open communication, collaboration, and a supportive atmosphere that empowers every team member to contribute their best.”

2. What aspects of Gentai’s culture do you find most appealing? 

“Collaboration: Open communication and collaboration are essential components of a positive work environment. A culture that encourages teamwork and the sharing of ideas fosters a sense of belonging and collective achievement.

Professional Growth: If the company values learning and development, employees may find this appealing. Opportunities for skill enhancement, career advancement, and personal growth can contribute to higher job satisfaction.

Trust and Accountability: A culture of trust and accountability encourages employees to take ownership of their work and contribute to the company’s success. This can lead to increased engagement and a sense of responsibility.”

3. Can you share an example of a time when you felt the company’s values were demonstrated in the workplace?

“When a potential issue arose that could have impacted the project’s timeline after one of our team members left, the team took a proactive approach. Instead of trying to minimize the problem, they immediately communicated the situation. This commitment to transparency and honesty demonstrated the company’s unwavering integrity and dedication.

As the project progressed, the team members consistently went above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of the work was of decent quality. Commitment to excellence was not only reflected in the final deliverables but also in the dedication they showed in refining their work.

Despite the challenges that arose, team members displayed an unwavering passion for finding solutions and delivering desired results.”

4. Can you share a story about a time when you felt supported by your colleagues or managers in your work?

“I always feel supported & blessed with our team in every way. Best example/story would be when I was on vacation. Our Accounting team supported me and filled in on behalf of me.”

5. What Gentai quality do you best exemplify? 

“I always try my best and follow all 3 Gentai’s qualities. I personally believe that without any single quality, one cannot be as successful as he/she would want to be. All these are inter-connected to achieve GREAT results/values for the company and ourselves. Other than Gentai’s qualities, I like to add my personal attribute, attitude, character traits, skills, strengths, and very positive mindset.”

6. How has Gentai helped with your personal and career growth?

“Gentai has helped me out in so many ways including:

  • Providing training and development
  • Encouraging mentoring and job shadowing
  • Taking personal interest in career goals
  • Supporting work-life balance
  • Creating a succession planning program
  • Rotating roles
  • Cross training

As mentioned above for the cross training part, this enables a variety of career development opportunities.”