How to invest

Summary of Terms

Minimum Investment:

$100,000 CAD (non-registered accounts)/

$30,000 CAD (registered accounts)

Investor Qualification: Accredited investor rules
RRSP/RRIF/TFSA: Eligible; Currently available in RRSP and TFSA
Subscription: Usually 1st of each month
Distributions: On or about the 15th day in the first month of each quarter
Taxation: Distributions received by investors are treated as interest income and taxed accordingly
Investor Reporting: Quarterly/annual financial statements ; Annual General Meeting; website



Investing Forms

Please contact Gentai directly for the files below:

  • Offering Memorandum (Dec 22,2016)
  • Subscription Agreement (Genesis 2016-17)
  • Distribution Reinvestment Form
  • Redemption Form

Please call Investor Relations to request redemptions   1-855-982-6699